This One's Theme

We Are What You Say
by Dead Sara

Who This One Is

Sylphic Name: Rixia
Gridanian Legal Name: Rixia Sylwest
Nicknames: Rixy, Wonder Chef
Occupation: Head Chef, Bandee Pakshee
Job Crystal: Illusionist and Culinarian
Age/Nameday: A Clever Lie to Shut You Up
Gender/Pronouns: Woman, Her/Hers
Sexuality: Aromantic Asexual

Rise of the Cooking One

Not much is known about Rixia "Rixy" Sylwest before the Seventh Astral Era began. But shortly after, Rixy became the house chef to a minor Ishgardian noble house, Blanchimont.

In service of the Blanchimonts' matriarch, Rixy was asked to help a courtesan named Andromeda with recovery from trauma. Seeking to continue Andromeda's recovery and see more of the world, Rixy joined her employer, the Keeper's Kiss, as head chef.

When Andromeda left the Kiss, Rixy followed her fast friend to become the Bandee Pakshee's head chef in Andromeda's employ.

As the Pakshee's chef, Rixy has worked closely with ananta and moogle staff employed by the Pakshee, and developed a strong feeling of kinship with other proverbial fish out of water, devoting her spare time to helping beastfolk where she can.

Rixy also grew in her own fame, being a finalist in Iron Chef Eorzea and providing exceptional catering to a variety of events Hydaelyn over.

Though naive and green -- figuratively and literally -- Rixy is proud of her place in the world. She stands out from a crowd thanks to her Sylphic vocal ticks and her boundless energy, and she wants nothing more than to feed the world.

Out of Character

Rixy absolutely is a Sylph.

Though in terms of her appearance, Rixy could be easily mistaken for an actual Elezen, to magical sense she would be in something of an "uncanny valley" territory; the glamour she uses is a little too well-crafted, a little too real.

This is not an exploration of transgender identity through fantasy concepts, rather an exploration of cultural adaptation. To my way of thinking, Rixy is more like an immigrant seeking to identify with her new culture than someone in the wrong body. She likes being a Sylph. She's comfortable with who she is. She just wants nothing to do with her culture and to 'fit in' with broader Eorzea.

For that reason, Rixy does spend a lot of time with other beastfolk races and does seek to empower them despite 'hiding' as an Elezen herself.

Things related to food and beast tribes are, therefore, easy ways to interact with her.

Sample hooks include:

  • Needing a Caterer

  • Casting or Reversing Glamours

  • Dining at her Verdant Cafe

  • Beastfolk Trying to Integrate into Society

  • Beastfolk Rights issues

Given Rixy's unique nature, her player is more selective about her roleplays. Because of her naivete, for instance, the player avoids any sexual roleplay with her ("don't sexual the lettuce", as her writer is known to say). Further, the player reserves the right to step back from any subject matter at her own discretion. That said, Rixy's player is a fairly adaptable person, and there are few situations this piece of produce can't add levity to.

You can reach the player on Discord:



Verdant is the restaurant of Rixy Sylwest, based in the Bandee Pakshee and acts as the Pakshee's executive dining suite. With windows overlooking the Brimming Heart and a very natural ambiance, Verdant is an oasis in the beating sun of Thanalan.

While Verdant serves anything you can get at the Pakshee's Lotus Lounge, it also has a special menu featuring a wide assortment of foods from around the world. The restaraunt is staffed by Rixy herself as well as the ananta sous-chef Dhuni and lalafellan sous-chef Yayase Yase.

Verdent is Room 1 of the Bandee Pakshee.